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Hello welcome to Alistair Fruish’s website.

Find out more about my first novel, Kiss My ASBO, by clinking the link here to Lepus Books

THE SENTENCE my second novel is complete and hopefully will be available fairly soon.

It is one long sentence entirely constructed of words of one syllable. We have had very favourable comments from the handful of people who have read it so far. This is what John Higgs has said about it:

“Alistair Fruish’s monosyllabic vision is a trance-inducing ticket to an all too plausible near-future dystopia. It is a bleak, grinding, addictive joy that will restore your faith in writing. Absorbing, inspired and unlike anything you’ve ever read, The Sentence is a fully-formed celebration of the power contained in even the simplest of words.”

Listen to two sections from it here


The Quietus recently did an an interview with me, you can read it here: The Quietus interview.

Not Shut Up have an article on my work here:

Alistair Fruish on dyslexia behind bars